The Councils and Working Groups of the Wellness Valley work together to create initiatives and projects for the promotion of Wellness through regular meetings and a platform for permanent dialogue and exchange.

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Health and Prevention, Sustainable Economic Development, Territory Promotion, Fitness, Wellness and Sport.


Wellness Foundation

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The Wellness Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Cesena (Italy) established in 2003 by Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym® The Wellness Company.

The foundation’s mission is to spread and promote around the world the culture and benefits of Wellness, the lifestyle that combines regular physical exercise, a healthy nutrition and a positive mental approach.

Wellness is a social opportunity for everybody: for people to improve their health and daily lifestyle, for company to increase productivity and release the full potential from their staff, and for Governments to reduce health costs.

In order to spread the benefits of the Wellness Lifestyle, the Wellness Foundation promotes and manages the Wellness Valley project, the first tangible example of a Wellness Community: a social, economic and cultural environment that promotes a long-term sustainable development investing on people’s health and quality of life.

Palazzo Romagnoli in Cesena (Italy), the headquarters of the Wellness Foundation

The Wellness Foundation collaborates with governments, institutions, international organizations, universities, businesses, hospitals, fitness clubs, doctors, experts and researchers from various countries in promoting policies, programmes, projects and solutions that help improve Wellness and health in people’s everyday lives.

Over the years, Wellness Foundation has developed an international network of collaboration with some of the leading organisations committed to improving people’s health and quality of life. Noteworthy collaborations include:

Wellness Foundation, in coordination with the Italian Ministry of Sport, is official partner of the European Week of Sport, the annual initiative which aims to promote sport and physical activity across Europe.

The Wellness Foundation collaborates with the World Economic Forum for the promotion and development of long-term sustainable health systems

up until 2016, Wellness Foundation was an active participant in the U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight childhood obesity in schools by educating students, teachers and parents about healthy eating habits and active living.

the Wellness Foundation is an active member of the Working Group focused on promoting physical movement appointed by EuropeActive, the organisation including all the major players in the fitness and wellness industry in Europe.

the Wellness Foundation supports the global campaign of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine to make physical activity assessment and promotion a standard in clinical care.

in collaboration with the World Heart Federation, the Wellness Foundation takes part in the World Heart Day for combating cardiovascular diseases.

the Wellness Foundation is an active participant in the global campaign for diabetes prevention organised annually around the world.

the Wellness Foundation participates in international study groups set up by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for assembling and disseminating best practices for the prevention of chronic diseases and for the improvement of public health.

Active Learning for Children in Schools (ALCIS) is the European Commission’s initiative to combat childhood obesity through exercise in primary and secondary schools across Europe. The Wellness Foundation coordinated the Italian programme.

The Wellness Foundation participates in Technogym's global social campaign, involving more than 1.300 fitness clubs all over the world to raise awareness in the fight against obesity and sedentary lifestyle.



The President and Founder of Wellness Foundation, Nerio Alessandri advocates the Wellness culture even through dedicated publications.


In 2001 Nerio Alessandri writes his first book about Wellness: an authentic manifesto of the Wellness Lifestyle aimed at explaining and sharing its individual and social benefits

The Science of Exercise


In 2003 the Wellness Foundation publishes a prestigious edition of the ``De Arte Gymnastica``, a scientific treaty originally written on 1569 by the Italian physician Girolamo Mercuriale. It is considered the first scientific publication on sports medicine.

Wellness – the History and Culture of Living Well


This book entitled ``Wellness – the History and Culture of Living Well`` traces the history of Wellness and examines its main aspects through 12 original essays written by preeminent Italian academics.


Technological advancements have created an environment that strongly promotes sedentary behaviour all over the world. Nerio Alessandri explains the opportunities connected to Wellness and its major benefits for human health and well-being.

Born to Move


From the garage of a small house in the Italian countryside to the Wellness Economy. In this book entitled “Born to Move”, Nerio Alessandri shares his story as a pioneer in the world of wellness and his vision for a long-term sustainable development.


Wellness Congress

The Wellness Congress is a major international event that unites all the stakeholders who are committed to building a sustainable future by promoting and disseminating the message of Wellness worldwide.

Since its establishment in 1993, the Wellness Congress has gathered leading representatives from public and private institutions, international organizations, top-level decision makers, scientists, leading figures from the world of culture, sports and the industry, to share Wellness as an extraordinary opportunity for people, the economy and the society.

During the past quarter century the Wellness Congress has anticipated the most important changes in the lifestyle of people and proposed the most innovative solutions to increasingly complex scenarios, starting from the evolution from fitness to Wellness in the early ‘90s to the digital transformation at the beginning of the new Century, to the development of the Manifesto for a Wellness Economy.

Dozens of speakers of every country and culture have shared the stage to help promote a healthier and sustainable growth of humanity including former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the Director of the World Food Programme Ertharin Cousin, the President of the Italian Olympic Committee Giovanni Malago, the economist Enrico Giovannini and many others.

Since 2012, the Wellness Congress has its headquarters  at the Technogym Village, in Cesena, Italy, the first Wellness Campus in the World, and the hub of the Wellness Valley.