The Councils and Working Groups of the Wellness Valley work together to create initiatives and projects for the promotion of Wellness through regular meetings and a platform for permanent dialogue and exchange.

This area is reserved to the Stakeholders involved in the thematic Workshops on:
Health and Prevention, Sustainable Economic Development, Territory Promotion, Fitness, Wellness and Sport.


The Wellness Lifestyle

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Wellness, the lifestyle for Health and Well-being

Wellness is the lifestyle oriented towards the improvement of the quality of life though education to regular physical activity, a healthy diet and a positive mental approach.

More Wellness means more Health and the prevention of chronic diseases, in addition to numerous advantages in all the other aspects of life:

  • more efficiency at work
  • more energy
  • increased life expectancy

Wellness Foundation is committed to promoting the culture of Wellness and its benefits for people, the economy and the society.

The Pyramid of the Wellness Lifestyle: A concise guide to developing at best the components contributing to the reaching of total psychophysical well-being.

Download The Pyramid of the Wellness Lifestyle [pdf]


The Pyramid of the Wellness Lifestyle, elaborated by┬áTechnogym’s Scientific Research Department, constitutes an original and concise guide to illustrate at best the components contributing to the reaching of total psychophysical well-being (movement, nutrition and mental approach).
The Pyramid has at its base the mental approach, a “non-quantifiable” component that interacts synergically with the other two. Proceeding upwards, the Pyramid proposes the correct complementary “dosage” of movement and nutrition over a typical-week: from what needs to be practiced or assumed more often, to what is useful, but is needed to a lesser extent.


*The use or reproduction of the Pyramid of Wellness Lifestyle is subject to prior authorization from Wellness Foundation