The Councils and Working Groups of the Wellness Valley work together to create initiatives and projects for the promotion of Wellness through regular meetings and a platform for permanent dialogue and exchange.

This area is reserved to the Stakeholders involved in the thematic Workshops on:
Health and Prevention, Sustainable Economic Development, Territory Promotion, Fitness, Wellness and Sport.


The Project

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the first world district fro quality of life

Welcome to the Wellness Valley, the first International District for Wellness expertise and quality of life.

Since 2003 Wellness Foundation manages and promotes this project which involves the whole territory of Romagna and shows how it is possible to create a new social and economic model that focuses on people and their health, producing significant positive effects for individuals, for the economy and the society.

Wellness Valley is the first real example of a Wellness Ecosystem, a cultural, economic and social environment that supports and boosts healthy daily lifestyles and leverages wellness as an opportunity for the sustainable development of the territory, starting from the enhancement its historical, natural, social and cultural heritage.

Wellness is a global megatrend, and the Wellness Valley has become a unique best practice studied by foreign Governments and international organizations such as the European Commission and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

More than 250 public and private stakeholders are actively engaged in the project, and collaborate with Wellness Foundation to activate projects that enable both 1 million residents and over 20 million tourists to experience the benefits of Wellness: the lifestyle which combines regular physical exercise, with a healthy diet and a positive mental attitude.

A more active and healthy population, innovative start-ups and new digital businesses, University Degree courses and Masters courses specialized in Quality of life studies, events for the promotion of the area, certified Wellness hotels and beaches are some of the results obtained by the project.

Today Wellness Valley offers more than 70 best practices, providing an authentic “laboratory” of good practice and excellence that demonstrate how it is possible to create an ecosystem where residents and visitors can live a Wellness Experience at any age and in any place. A model which can be reproduced all over the world.

Wellness Valley: the first world district for quality of life

The key milestones of the project


Nerio Alessandri, Founder and President of Technogym, publicly launches the idea of creating in Romagna the first International District on Wellness and Quality of Life. See: interview with the local newspaper “Il Resto del Carlino”.


The Wellness Valley project is officially kicked off under the guidance of Wellness Foundation. It involves all the local key players in order to leverage Romagna’s intrinsic value –  the excellence the territory is rich in – to develop innovative initiatives oriented towards continuous improvement. With two-way benefits: inwards: to enhance public health and quality of life; outwards: to increase of the attractiveness of the territory both for tourists and for highly qualified and creative workers.


The Italian economic newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” publishes the rank of Italian regions based on the Well-being Index made by Nobel laureate economist John Stiglitz: the new rank shows that Romagna, the Wellness Valley, has the best Quality of life in Italy.


The Wellness Valley is recognized by the Italian Government as “one of the national best practices” and an official sign is put up on the Highway A14 at the exit of Cesena.


In January 2016 the World Economic Forum decides to adopt the Wellness Valley as a case study and an international benchmark of how an Ecosystem of Wellness and Health should be.

In March 2016, the Emilia-Romagna Government with Regional Law no. 4/2016 establishes “Wellness Valley” as the unique brand for the promotion of Romagna as a destination and territory specialized in wellness and high-quality active vacations.


Wellness Valley launches its own dedicated mobile app, which aims at creating a great Wellness Community in Romagna and provides functions and information for living a healthy lifestyle.