The Councils and Working Groups of the Wellness Valley work together to create initiatives and projects for the promotion of Wellness through regular meetings and a platform for permanent dialogue and exchange.

This area is reserved to the Stakeholders involved in the thematic Workshops on:
Health and Prevention, Sustainable Economic Development, Territory Promotion, Fitness, Wellness and Sport.


Fitness and Lifestyle

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Wellness Valley is the most active community of Italy. The study of the effects of the Wellness ecosystem shows that the population of the Wellness Valley is  10.1% more active than the Italian average at any age. This outstanding achievement is the result of the combined action of education to healthy lifestyles and the promotion of projects and initiatives that help people improve physical activity habits.

Humans are born to move, but technological progress, automation and the hectic pace of life have created an environment that promotes sedentary behaviour with serious health consequences for the world’s population, as revealed by the rapid rise of chronic non-communicable diseases at a global level.

Wellness Valley demonstrates that by working on education and on daily habits it is possible to reverse this dangerous trend and get people moving.


‘In Wellness’ is the social project promoted by Wellness Foundation and Technogym aimed at educating people to prevent chronic diseases and to improve their quality of life through regular physical exercise and an active lifestyle.

Parks in Wellness provides an extensive programme of free physical activity during spring and summer in the city parks and in other public areas, such as beaches, squares, castles’ gardens, swimming pools.

Thanks to the social commitment of the local gyms and fitness clubs that offer safe and enjoyable classes guided by professional trainers, every citizen is given the opportunity to engage in physical exercise and experience its benefits. The ‘In Wellness’ initiative includes several formats with the aim of making physical activity accessible to everyone. Every year more than 65,000 people benefit from this programme, which is realized with the technical support of LifeinWell.

The project was born in the Wellness Valley, and in a few years it has expanded into 7 Regions in Italy and more than 50 municipalities that recognize the social value of Parks in Wellness and support its aims through their patronage.

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Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century.

Piedibus is an initiative designed to encourage primary school children to develop healthy habits and to reach their school by foot by walking safely through the town.

Piedibus is the healthiest, safest, funniest and environmental-friendly way to go to school: it allows hundreds of children in the Wellness Valley to forget about the car and to rediscover the pleasure of walking. The project has also proven effective in improving children’s cognitive development by stimulating their observational skills, their autonomy and socialisation.

Since January 2017, the Municipalities of Cesena and Cesenatico have integrated Piedibus within the project “Cambiamo Marcia” carried out under the National Programme of Sustainable Mobility Home-School and Home-Work, giving new impetus to the planned activities with the support of school mobility managers and the creation of specific road signs along the Piedibus itineraries.

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A 30-minute daily walk can help preventing 80% of the most common chronic diseases.

The Wellness Valley has more than 30 Walking Groups that have formed spontaneously in different cities over the years. Every evening thousands of citizens of all ages meet for a group walk of 6-8 kilometers to improve their health, to socialize and to discover the territory.

In 2017 the first edition of “Wellness Valley Cammina” was organized with the participation of all the Walking Groups of Romagna. A walking event involving all the community and taking place simultaneously in 30 cities across Romagna with several different walking itineraries suitable for everyone.

The event was launched during the European Week of Sport: more than 1,500 people, among beginners and enthusiasts, joined in the simultaneous walk demonstrating the extraordinary capacity of the walking groups of the Wellness Valley to inspire and promote an active lifestyle.

The event is repeated every year during the European Week of Sport.


The Personal Training Active Lifestyle is a professional service available in the best facilities of the Wellness Valley – Grand Hotels, Wellness Resorts, Spa, Wellness Hotels -, designed to improve the guests’ well-being  during their holiday and to help them increase their overall fitness with personal training programs that are tailored to the customer’s personal goals and needs.

The PT Active Lifestyle project employs a staff of professionals with a degree in Physical Education, Sports  and Exercise Science, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, and with more than 10 years of experience in the wellness and fitness sector.


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In Common Sports is a three-year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, which brings together five European countries and six organizations, including the Municipality of Cesena, to encourage active life in a population group – over 60 – particularly strategic for the prevention of chronic diseases.

The aim of In Common Sports is to deepen the knowledge of the motivational factors for the continuous practice of physical exercise in the elderly population and the impact of the “Intergenerational Olympics” on the physical and mental fitness of the elderly.

The project will develop the study “Physical Fitness and Cognitive Performance of the Elderly – Competition as an Additional Motivation for Promoting an Active Lifestyle” involving more than 350 participants from the five countries and the implementation of 15 “intergenerational Olympics” with 500 senior participants.


Exercise plays an essential role in health to prevent NCDs and to enhance our physical and mental well-being, however one third of adults in Europe are not getting enough exercise.

The European Week of Sport is the initiative launched in 2015 by the European Commission to promote sport and physical activity across Europe to all citizens, regardless of age, background or fitness level.

The #BeActive campaign brings together all EU Member States to create opportunities in peoples’ everyday lives to exercise more and to inspire Europeans to #BeActive on a regular basis.

Wellness Foundation is an official partner of the European Week of Sport and coordinates many initiatives across Italy in collaboration with fitness centres and sports associations.

The Wellness Valley is on the front line for the promotion of active lifestyle and during the European Week of Sport confirms itself the most active community in Italy providing plenty of opportunities for thousands of adults and children to enjoy the benefits of physical activity through sports initiatives, group walks, free outdoor activities and open gym events.


Cesena in Wellness is the event of the territory dedicated to fitness, wellness and sports, which brings together more than 100 local players–, fitness centres, sports clubs and associations, physiotherapy centres, companies from the wellness sector– with the aim to increase awareness of the importance of physical activity and to promote a culture of health and wellness.

A veritable festival of movement for all which takes place every year in September in the large green areas of Cesena Racecourse Park.

Two intense days offering a variety of exciting activities for kids and adults and suitable for all fitness levels. An opportunity for the local population to discover a wide range of disciplines in an engaging atmosphere and to learn about the many fitness and sports initiatives that the territory offers throughout the year.

Cesena in Wellness is included among the events of the European Week of Sports. From 2019 the festival involves not only Cesena and the surrounding area, but also sports associations and fitness clubs of Romagna to offer its 15,000 visitors an even more stimulating programme.


Since 2011 the Nordic Walking Wellness School has been organising Nordic Walking workouts and excursions to Rimini, Riccione and San Marino for both beginners and experienced Nordic Walkers, to provide a fully enjoyable experience from the sea to the hinterland, according to an innovative training concept.

Since September 2015, the School’s energies and efforts have been particularly focused on health projects. Individual courses and group training programs aimed at promoting the health and well-being of people suffering from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and oncological diseases. By working on their physical potential, participants learn how to get the best out of their ability to move, with the aim of recovering body functionality in general, reducing and preventing the onset of pathological complications and improve quality of life.


#Cambiamomarcia is an integrated project of the Municipalities of Cesena and Cesenatico, co-funded by the Italian Ministry of the Environment under the “National Experimental Programme of Sustainable Mobility Home-School and Home-Work”. It aims to encourage individual and collective sustainable mobility choices by citizens, starting with changes in their daily habits.

The programme provides economic incentives for those who decide to leave the car at home and start cycling to work for 7 months (25 cents per kilometre of the journey from home to work, with a maximum of 50 euros per month). The trips are tracked using a dedicated App for the calculation of the total incentives amount.

At the end of the programme many participants continue to cycle to work even without the prospect of the economic incentive, having become aware of the advantage and benefits that daily physical activity offers for their own health and the environment.


Culture, environment, wellness, sustainable tourism. These are the main features of the project A Passo d’Uomo, which aims to enhance the creative talent of youth and promote physical activity by organizing events and group activities suitable for every fitness level, in full contact with nature, to foster socialization and the discovery of the natural beauty of the territory, its art and history and the local production activities.

Every first week of September, the art-nature festival A Passo d’Uomo takes place, with workshops and natural and scenic walks exploring the landscapes of Valconca.

The Association is made up of experienced environmental guides of the territory, architects, communicators, artists, landscapers, naturalists, historians and photographers, and is committed to the promotion and valorization of the territory all year round, in line with the principles of the European Landscape Convention.


Promoted by the Italian Alpine Centre and by the local Health Authority of Cesena, the walking group “Cesena Cammina” is an extraordinary opportunity to promote physical activity for health and wellbeing, as well as to socialize and rediscover the territory. Every Tuesday and Thursday, all year round, hundreds of people gather to walk more than 10 kilometers on predefined tracks, divided into groups at different speeds, led by CAI volunteers.

In 2019 the Cesena Walk group has reached a decade of stable presence in the territory and continues to give impetus to new initiatives. A real community of tireless walkers who have been able to inspire other realities over time helping to mobilize thousands of people.


Forlì Cammina is a spontaneous and self-managed walking group created by individual participants. A not- for-profit initiative, born out of the desire for aggregation and for practicing a non-competitive activity which has positive effects on psychophysical health.

Every Tuesday at 8.30pm, from October to May, the walking group invites all the citizens of Forlì to join in and have a healthy walk across the city. Everybody can participate in the walk that is suitable for every fitness level: adherence is on a voluntary basis and as such free.

Forlì Cammina has been carrying out its activity for several years – this demonstrates how exercise and movement are considered key components of a healthy lifestyle by the local population and are an integral part of the culture of the territory.


Forlimpopoli Cammina combines the interest in environmentally friendly mobility with health promotion. Since 2013 the walking group has met every Wednesday at 20.30 in Piazza Garibaldi, in front of the fortress of Forlimpopoli, for a healthy walk across the urban green areas with the aim of inspiring more and more people to adopt a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.

The initiative is promoted by the Associations “Barcobaleno” and “Gruppo Funghi e Flora”, under the patronage of the Municipality of Forlimpopoli, the local Health Authority of Forlì and the Emilia-Romagna Region.


MyFit is the new structured group workout to be done outdoor and coordinated by personal trainers.

MyFit takes advantage of the wonderful territory of Cesena and the surrounding area, from the hill to the sea, as a natural context for training to achieve wellness and fitness goals.

The circuit training courses take place every Saturday morning at 9.00 am at Cesena Racecourse Park: a combination of cardiovascular training – running, walking, swimming, cycling – and strength exercises with small gym equipment.

The aim is to improve quality of life through regular physical exercise and to transform physical fatigue into fun and socialization.


Women in Run Cesena is a runner community that aims to create opportunities for women by encouraging them to engage in sports and exercise and to increase gender equality by supporting women’s empowerment projects. Since 2016 Women in Run Cesena has organised training groups to promote free walking and running workouts suitable for all fitness levels and open to everyone.

The “Runnerdì” training course, which takes place every Wednesday evening at Cesena Racecourse Park, has inspired many participants to improve their fitness and well-being and to develop a passion for running.

The runner community also organises the ‘Pink Sunset Run’, the first running race for women in Cesenatico, and the training walks ‘I Gessi con le WIR’ that lead from the old town to the surrounding hills of Cesena, from where it is possible to enjoy wonderful views.

Women in Run Cesena is part of the Italian network ‘Women in Run’ that has been developing several related initiatives in various Italian cities since 2014.